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Clever Advertising Group

Alles rund um das Thema Marketing und Webpromotion. Ausnahme Suchmaschinenmarketing bzw. SEO und Linktausch Angebote.
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Beitrag von kevin-und-chantal » 25.03.2020, 22:47

Wieder mal eine Mail bekommen

My name is Sara Azevedo from Primads, a company that belongs to Clever Advertising Group.
I’m a Sales Media buyer at Clever Group and we are interested in buying spaces on your website to display our affiliated brands.
Our company is referential and I'm very interested in showing you my plan of work because your website is a wonderful example of what we search to advertise!
We pay in advance for all our campaigns, we do not ask for any exclusivity and we work with both CPM or fixed price deals.


-Push_down, Interstitial, Leave page, Banner mobile..
-Frequency cap: 1/24 Hours
-Advance payment (Wire, Paypal )

If you are interested on getting a top of the market offer for your traffic, don't hesitate on replying to this email.

Thank You!

Best Regards,
Sara Azevedo
International Sales Media Buyer
Clever Advertising Group
Skype: saraliaazevedo
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